Once Transition Resources is on the job, you can be sure we’ll take care of it for you.

Getting Started
We begin with an in-home consultation, which helps us determine the size and scope of the project. We work with you, your trust officer, your Realtor, or a family representative to determine goals, and the project time line.

What Can You Expect?
Transition Resources provides reliable, courteous and fast service. We take pride in carefully moving things that often were collected over a lifetime.

Transition Resources is committed to finding the right place for all of your things. We hate going to the landfill! Our team will pack and transport items regionally for consignment or donation, or we can arrange for shipping or storage. The Transition Resources team has professional relationships with local consignment stores, and knows the needs of local agencies that can use unwanted household items. We even compost your unwanted food instead of taking it to the trash.

We’re Flexible!
Let us know what you need and Transition Resources will help. Our team members have long-standing relationships with many local vendors and craftspeople, and if we can’t do it, we will find someone who can.

Coordinate Consign/Auction/Donation
Sort & Pack
Haul Away or Arrange for Shipping/Storage
Coordinate or Oversee Movers
Light Maintenance
Snow Removal, Mowing, Gardening During Transition
Set Up in New Home